Cats Have Style

Cats have their own style.  Each one unique with their own cool and positive attitude.  Full of loving and purring one minute, grooming and some alone time the next.  Nap time, a definite cat favorite, they do take it very seriously.  Kittens and cats, a world full of love.

Cats Have Their Own Style

Christmas Cuteness

Just When You think the holidays couldn't get any cuter with the whole world posting adorable photos, decorating their homes inside and out, wrapping up gifts and trimming the tree not to mention baking those wonderful Christmas cookies and sharing them in tins and bags and boxes galore.  Keep shopping. Keep reading the posts because everyone is finding something adorable to share.  It's hard to be grumpy about it, come on you know you like it too.

Today's cuteness is Penguin Christmas Holiday Spirit. Seriously so cute!  Click our penguin to browse all of his Christmas gifts, decorations and holiday greetings.

Merry Christmas Wishes

Merry Christmas and may all your wishes come true.  May you share your Christmas with family and friends, people you love and smiles that shine as bright as your holiday lights.

 Christmas Wishes

Hanukkah Holiday Wishes

Hanukkah holiday wishes filled with the miracle of light, the joy of family, the confidence of faith that if you believe, maybe Hanukkah miracles will come true.

Wishing you a Chanukah holiday season filled with light, love, family, joy and perhaps a miracle or two every day.

Hanukkah Holiday Wishes

Hanukkah Holiday Wishes.   You don't have to be religious to enjoy wishing everyone a wonderful life filled with light and miracles.  This wonderful holiday stands for faith, belief and light as much today as it did thousands of years ago.  When the Jewish tribes stood up for their right to believe as though do and defend their temple, so today should everyone stand up for the rights of everyone to believe in their miracles, goodness, light and faith.

Believe in who you are, enjoy and protect your families.  Greet each day as a miracle and always, protect the light.

Jewish Gifts On Facebook

Stop by and visit our Jewish Community Gifts on Facebook,

Interfaith Families we would love to hear from you, we are an Interfaith Family Too!

Hanukkah shops filled with Jewish Star of David and Judaica gifts designed by our family and chosen as our popular featured favorites for Jewish Holidays and Special Occasions.

Hanukkah oh Chanukah come light the menorah - let's have a party - we'll all dance the Hora!  Enjoy Everyone!

Hello Sunshine I Miss You

Hello Sunshine, I miss you and hope you come out to play soon.  I know it's Winter and the sun's rays are just not as sunny as they are in the other three seasons, but it's been so gray and gloomy I find I really miss the Sun.  I can handle the cold.  OK, there may be days of snow.  But even with the cold and winter, everything is so much better when the sun is shining.  Hope to see you again really soon!

 I Miss You Sunshine

Holiday Cyber Monday Shopping

Christmas Cyber Monday in all of our awesome personalized gift shops is in full swing today - check out some of our great holiday cards, labels, stickers, gifts and jewelry at:* and all of our stores are listed at:

We are online and specialize in what makes life personal for you. Our sales will last with different discounts, new designs and great new products throughout the holiday season in all of our design stores. Feel free to stop by and browse!

 Personalized Gift Shops Merry Christmas Happy Holidays Let's Have Fun

Stop By and Visit Anytime, the shopping is always safe, personalized and updated with new products and designs for everyone on your list.

Veterans Day Honoring Our Heroes

Honoring Veterans Day - Thank you to all who have served in our military to keep us safe and free. Thank you to all military troops serving today.  Who can forget thank you to our military families through the years who have sacrificed so much for so many.  To all of our soldiers, marines, naval and air force, national guard who have served past and present in the military, we salute you this Veterans Day and Every Day! 

 Honoring Veterans Day Military Heroes

Cats Know Every Day Is National Cat Day

Cats do know that every day is National Cat Day!  Happy day meow to all you cute cats and kittens and especially to all of you cat adoption shelters, foster families and all pet owners that have been adopted and are owned by their furry little boss too.

Happy National Cat Day

Fall Nature Enjoy The View

Fall Nature Enjoy the view because nothing is as stunning as fall leaves, autumn colors, mums and trees with leaves still full and decorated by nature.  Summer is over, but Winter is not here yet. Before the leaves are all gone, pick a pumpkin, take a walk right where you live or work.  Look out your window when you are especially busy, and just take a minute to  make some time to enjoy the view!

Happy Fall everyone, whatever the weather is like near you.  Thanksgiving is approaching, Halloween is almost here and that means the Christmas and Hanukkah season is not far behind.

Decorating Your Home For Fall

Decorating your home for Fall just keeps getting better and better!  Not only are the colors gorgeous, the holiday themes are just so much fun.  Starting with Halloween pumpkins, candy corn, black cats and adorable ghosts all the way through Thanksgiving your home decor will make you smile every morning and greet you after a long day when you come home.

We decorate our house with pillows and candy bowls, pumpkins and Happy Thanksgiving turkeys on our placemats, napkins and our new favorite, the bathroom shower curtain.

Thanksgiving Friends Shower Curtain

Awesome Fall Pillows In Lots of Sizes and Shapes
Autumn Leaves Fall Pillow  Fall Beauty Throw Pillows

Autumn Dining and Kitchen

Fall Harvest Sunflowers Place MatFall Harvest Sunflowers Kitchen Towels

Holiday Theme Candy Jars

Happy Thanksgiving Candy JarsBlack Cat Halloween

So fun and easy to brighten your house with the cheery autumn holiday themes!

Halloween Personalized

Halloween means candy, trick or treat, Halloween parties and lots of holiday decorations in the home and outdoors.  Personalize Halloween parties and treats with great gift ideas.


Starting with personalized trick or treat bags and now they are even more awesome because they come in all sizes and shapes, colors and I love this, even reflective treater bags.  I know a lot of families don't go trick or treating any more but have awesome Halloween parties instead with family, friends, neighbors and that's my favorite way of celebrating, although we do get some trick or treaters still in our neighborhood.

Some of our party time favorites always includes Halloween theme bowls filled with candy, wrapped candy, packages of candies or cookies and everyone's favorite, including 100 calorie packs for those watching their nutrition.  Every great party has something for everyone no matter how big or small the party is.

Then we add pumpkins, black cats, friendly ghosts and everything cute we can find to our party.

Cute personalized Halloween Napkins you can even personalize like these:
Halloween Spooky Pumpkin Paper NapkinHalloween Ghost Boo Paper Napkins

Cool Serving Trays perfect for everything you are serving

Halloween Spooky House Food TrayHalloween Candy Black Cat Serving Trays

Treats and Sweets For Kids Of All Ages From Baby Pacifiers to Personalized Sugar Cookies and Cake Pops In Every Flavor and Cake Choice - these are great to send as gifts to your family that doesn't live near you too!

Halloween Ghost Friends Pacifier Halloween Haunted House Round Sugar Cookie

Halloween Friends Cake Pops

Coffee Holiday Everyday

Coffee is holiday everyday in our world.  We love to honor National Coffee Day because we looooove coffee!  Here's hoping your coffee mugs stay full, hot and fresh every single day.  If coffee isn't your thing, that's OK with us too, enjoy your favorite tea, hot chocolate or whatever beverage you love and fill your day with sunshine to brim.

 Happy National Coffee Day

Drop by and browse some of our favorite personalized coffee mugs at Bonfire Designs.  They are a great personalized gift for holidays, birthdays and special occasions - perfect for coffee and tea at home, at work or travel mugs for your busy on the go day.

Happy Fall Enjoy The View

Happy Fall Everyone.  Summer is over, school is back and vacation is all used up, but the good news is the weather will get a little cooler, the trees will start showing off their colors and there is so much ahead so get busy.  Holiday season is not far ahead, Halloween is on it's way and don't forget Thanksgiving busy, busy but so much family fun.

Don't forget to take some time along the way to enjoy the view!

Halloween Trick or Treat Bowls

Trick or Treat Bowls

Trick or treat bowls filled with candy is an absolute must in my house. I love that half my home is filled with bowls of candy and dishes filled with treats in the kitchen, family room and living room. It's so welcoming and fun for family and guests that drop by, everyone can't resist the welcome greetings of sweets. I keep bowls that have no sugar treats for friends that can't have any of that type of candy and they really appreciate the thought.

Halloween Trick or Treat Bowls

For trick or treaters, their bowl and treats ready to give out are always, always wrapped candies or small assorted bags of chips, fritos and fun goodies like that. Individual candy bars, little boxes of gummy treats and even lollipops are always available in individual packages. I always get the super duper treat size so there is plenty to go around.

The Halloween bowls and jars I keep stocked with goodies at home are sometimes loose candies like oh yes, candy corn of course and fun mini size peanut butter cups, chocolate kisses and love those marshmallow creme pumpkins too.
Halloween decorative bowls really don't have to be expensive unless money is no object because stores big and small are filled with so many Halloween theme decorations there is sure to be a few you love.  Check out some of our favorite Halloween Decorations at:  Our Halloween Super Shop Personalized Fun

Beaches and Dreams

Beaches and dreams of paradise, the beauty of the sky meeting the ocean, waving to the sand, it is all so beach beautiful to me.  The sound of the waves, the heat of the sun even on a cloudy day is so cleansing and so inspiring.  Even when I'm not at the beach, there is a little tug like a foamy wave making me wish I was.
You don't have to go to a tropical paradise to enjoy the beach.  You don't even have to wait for summer.  Swimming in the ocean may not be your thing, but being on the beach, sitting on the sand, searching for sea shells and building sand castles, that's what dreams are made of.

 Beach Dreams On The Horizon
Beach Dreams On The Horizon

 Life Is Better At The Beach
Life Is Better At The Beach

 Welcome To The Beach
Welcome To The Beach

Sharing some beach motivation dreams with you.

Bonfire Designs Goes Business On Pinterest

Bonfire Designs loves Pinterest because it is the world's most unique opportunity to find everything you love and share it with others.  A virtual scrapbook, photo album, recipe book, wish list and a wonderful way to learn new things.  We are very active on Pinterest because there are so many things in the world that we love to share.  Our designs for business are just a small part of the community we share online.  Getting involved with the community both near and international.  Hopes and dreams.  Cats and Hobbies.  Firefighters, EMT's, Police and Nurses are a valued part of the life we lead every day because we are a proud firefighter family too.  Please stop by, and share some of your hopes and dreams with us too.

Bonfire Designs on Pinterest - you don't have to have an account to stop by and visit us.  Nothing is passworded or hidden.

The board below features our newest pins and additions - but we have hundreds of bulletin boards and thousands of pins and followers - stop by to find out why!

Visit Bonfire Designs's profile on Pinterest.

Golf Gift Ideas For Golfers

Golfing theme gifts and birthday presents are easier than ever this year especially if Dad or Grandpa is a golfer.  Whether dad is a golf pro or just loves golfing on the weekend we have some creative gift ideas for holidays, Father's Day and special occasions that he will enjoy all year round.

For golfers we have personalized coffee and travel mugs, aluminum water bottles, stadium blankets, t-shirts and sweats with unique golfing themes.  Tee off with our protective iPhone cases, can holders and sports apparel. 

Golf World Tri-fold Wallet Golf World Wrist Watches  Golf Bag Tags Personalized

Or some cool pros on the golf course mousepads, key rings and jewelry

Golf Course mousepad     Golfing Phone Cover Gifts    Golfers Watches Personalized  

Personalize a sports golf towel, gym bag or home decor with your message or initals of your favorite golfer.

Golf Towel Personalized  More Styles and Designs Available     Golf Sports Duffle Bag By NikeGolf Personalized     Personalized Golf Door Mat

We have a pro selection of personalized sports theme gifts for holidays, special occasions and birthday presents for everone one your list at our main Personalized Gifts and T-shirt Shop.

Featured Golf Shop Specials Perfect For Holidays, Birthdays and Golfing Days Out

Food Favorite For Today

Celebrating National Steakhouse Month and National Egg Day - The Bacon is just always a holiday for me! This is my food favorite.  Oh and the asparagus was good too.

Steak, Egg and Bacon

Gifts For Dad

Don't wait for Father's Day to get Dad a great gift.  Featuring personalized gift ideas for your dad or father-in-law or stepdad for birthdays, holidays, retirement and anniversaries.  Whether he's a sports dad, firefighter dad, business and career guy or a cooking at the BBQ kind of guy show him how much you love him with some of our new and unique gifts for guys at:  Personalized Gifts For Holidays and Special Occasions.

Fathers #1 Dad CharmWorld's Best Dad and FishingEngraved Black Duo Money Clip Wallet

Some Of Our Favorite Featured Gifts For Guys

Cats Have The Right Idea

Cats always have a plan.  They are smart and know what they want.  If they want to be petted, they will find some loving, meowing, sit on your lap way to get you to pet them!  They are fierce and independent, loving and purring and loyal at the same time.  My Sammy cat is always dreaming up a new plan!

Cats and Plans - Wake Up - Eat - Then Take A Nap!

EMT and Paramedic Gifts: EMS Week T-Shirts and Gifts

EMT and Paramedic Gifts: EMS Week T-Shirts and Gifts

EMS Week honors the pride and tradition of EMT's and Paramedics, as well as all the emergency healthcare workers that are there for everyone who needs them, night and day providing medical care for emergency medical illness, trauma patients, psychiatric emergencies and delivering babies at the touch of three buttons

Featured Gifts and Shirts Personalized for EMT's and Paramedics are perfect for EMS Week.  Say thanks to your favorite Emergency Healthcare Worker for all they do day in and day out, all year long.

EMT T-Shirts and Gifts!    Paramedic Star of Life Gifts  EMT and Paramedic Gifts For Valentine's Day 

  EMT Apparel, Gifts and Keepsakes   EMS, EMT and Paramedic Gifts   EMS Star of Life

For more great personalized EMT and Paramedic T-Shirts, Gifts and Gear for EMS Week, holidays, birthdays, graduation and retirement please visit us at: