Heart Shape Love

I love hearts. I love everything positive and energetic and sentimental in a fun kind of way. Of course that means I adore Valentine's Day. Who wouldn't love heart shaped candies and cards and presents from the heart.

I love cool heart shape rocks especially when I get to find them on the beach along with some great interesting shells.

I really love things that make me smile. I try very hard to design and personalize gifts, jewelry, home decor and unique apparel that celebrates the things I see and love.

 Cowgirl Heart Lovers Presents

 I Love Coffee and Coffee Mugs
Did I mention I ♥♥ Love Coffee and Heart Designing Coffee Mugs Too!

Love comes in many shapes and forms - some are heart shaped true but not all are. Love can come in the form of a touch, a smile, a ray of sunshine on a rainy day.

Do a little more of what you love every day.