Halloween Trick or Treat Bowls

Trick or Treat Bowls

Trick or treat bowls filled with candy is an absolute must in my house. I love that half my home is filled with bowls of candy and dishes filled with treats in the kitchen, family room and living room. It's so welcoming and fun for family and guests that drop by, everyone can't resist the welcome greetings of sweets. I keep bowls that have no sugar treats for friends that can't have any of that type of candy and they really appreciate the thought.

Halloween Trick or Treat Bowls

For trick or treaters, their bowl and treats ready to give out are always, always wrapped candies or small assorted bags of chips, fritos and fun goodies like that. Individual candy bars, little boxes of gummy treats and even lollipops are always available in individual packages. I always get the super duper treat size so there is plenty to go around.

The Halloween bowls and jars I keep stocked with goodies at home are sometimes loose candies like oh yes, candy corn of course and fun mini size peanut butter cups, chocolate kisses and love those marshmallow creme pumpkins too.
Halloween decorative bowls really don't have to be expensive unless money is no object because stores big and small are filled with so many Halloween theme decorations there is sure to be a few you love.  Check out some of our favorite Halloween Decorations at:  Our Halloween Super Shop Personalized Fun