Personalized Pillows and Home Decor Gifts

Personalized Pillows and Home Decor Gifts

Fluff up that pillow and get ready for some fun dream times with personalized pillows perfect for dens and living rooms, family room couches or even as throw pillows on your bed.

Animal Paw Prints Pillows and Decorations  Pug Dogs and Cupcake Pillows

Earth Day Throw Pillow World's Best Dad Throw Pillow

Winter Wishes Emergency Services

To all of my many dedicated firefighter, police and EMS friends on the road, saving lives and helping others, stay safe my friends – you make a difference especially now. 

Winter Wishes Police, Fire, EMS Stay Safe Out There
 Police Firefighters EMS Christmas Holiday Wishes

Wishing everyone stays safe, stays home if they can so those who have to be out can do their job more safely. I wish you a fun time with smiles and a cozy winter scene inside as the snow and wind howls outside.

Cat Nap Cuddles

Home Fitness

Home fitness is hot. Everyone wants to be in shape, eat better and look and feel great.  Not everyone can or wants to join a gym. Not everyone wants to or has the time to go out for a 5 mile walk every day.  I know I'm one of those people!  I want to get fit and eat right, but I want to do it my way.  The way that works for my life.  Part of this great change has been due to my new Fitbit.  It's awesome.

I wear it all the time - no this is not a commercial for it I promise, but I have lost so much weight because of the knowledge and motivation from a simple fitness band.  Eating really great food and lower calories and making up my own recipes.

 Fitness Band Home Fitness

No DVD's required. No strict workout plans. No leotards, yoga pants or fitness mats.  Just make it work for you life so it can last a life time.

How much did I lose and some great Fitbit info I'm happy to share at: How It Worked Out For Me

 How Fitbit Worked Out For Me

Love Today

Today is a great day for a great day.  I feel like that every day.  Motivated, inspired, ready to take on the world, deal with the issues, love and enjoy those close to me.  Magic, that's magic to me.  And when I'm not feeling as inspired or motivated or am frankly, frustrated by something or many things, I'm great at blocking.

A cup of coffee, a couple of wonderful thoughts.  Then I remember oh yeah, today is a great day for a great day and suddenly, one positive thought and a cup of coffee (or 12) and I'm ready once again for the magic to resume.

Have a great day every one.  Especially if it's a rough day to have a great day, then you really need it to be.

 Today Is A Beautiful Day To Have A Beautiful Day

Women's Love Today Pocket Sleep Vee

Eat A Cupcake Pillow

Love and Valentines

I love Valentine's Day.  I love the month before this wonderful holiday of chocolate hearts, sweet flower arrangements, kisses and hugs. I adore seeing all the stores decked out in red and pink and white.  Even those too sugary candy conversation hearts make me smile because I remember how important the message on it was when I was younger.  I know not everyone loves Valentine's Day - and for some people it's a day that makes them grumpy.

But I think of it this way - everyone loves something.  Maybe it's your family, your special person in your life, your job, your ipad, the laptop you are reading this on.  Whatever it is you love, love it all the way and enjoy the hearts and glitter and fun of one day a year.

Love Valentines Day

The stores are filled with Valentines Day Party Decorations - go ahead make yourself, your family and your friends a cute day of fun and love and smiles.

Featured Valentines and Hearts From Our Family To Yours

Enjoy Some Love

Do More Of What You Love

Do more of what you love.  Every day.  Make some time for not just the priorities of your life like work, studying and family.  You do that every day.  Life is so personal, it's a gift.  Treat your self with a little bit of love for the present.  Do More Of What You Love.  Whether it is your hobby. Your sport.  Learning something new.  Going on a new adventure.  Painting or writing.  Remember to leave some time for what you love too.

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