Be Positive Keep It Simple

Be Positive especially when it is hard to be. Keep It Simple. Keep It Moving. Tomorrow IS another day so hang in there and maybe even manage a smile. Fun Share from some very positive motivational thinkers. Join us on Facebook to share more positive fun and your own thoughts and feel free to share below.

Keeping It Simple
Posted by Bonfire Designs on Thursday, May 14, 2015

Memorial Day Honoring Military Heroes and Family

Memorial Day Honors

Memorial Day honors our Military Heroes past and present.  The military who served in every war and action that keeps the USA proud and free.  Happy Memorial Day Weekend -whether you march in a parade, wave your American flag, go shopping or BBQ with family and friends, please remember to take some time and honor our armed forces who sacrificed everything for our freedom and their families.

Memorial Day Honor Our Military Heroes

Patriotic and Military Thanks Especially Sent To The Military Families, Wives and Husbands, Daughters and Sons, Parents and Grandparents. Friends and Family that have sacrificed so much also.

EMT and Paramedic Gifts: EMS Week EMT Paramedics Honor

EMT and Paramedic Gifts: EMS Week EMT Paramedics Honor:

 Happy EMS Week

EMS Week EMT and Paramedics EMS Week For EMT and Paramedics is the third week in May every year and a great time to show appreciation...