Life Is Good With Coffee

Life is good and coffee mugs filled with the first steaming cup of coffee through my last hot cup of coffee makes it even better.  I am a coffee lover morning through night.  It doesn't keep me up and I can't say it is the caffeine I need, I just love the taste of coffee.  I think better with a cup of coffee in my hand.  Sitting in my kitchen, working in my office or just taking a ride - a mug of coffee is probably right near by.

The only thing I love more than coffee, are the fun coffee mugs I buy.  Some make a statement, some are decorative and some are just cute and make me smile.  

 Personalized Coffee Mugs

Pets Paw Prints  Cowgirl Hearts

Smile on, life is good.  Enjoy a cup of happy at least once a day.  If coffee isn't for you, then grab a cup of tea, a mug of hot chocolate and marshmallows and put a happy face on your mug.

Halloween Decorations

Halloween decorations are my favorite part of Halloween.  Well OK I really like the candy party too, and the autumn baking pumpkin bread and muffins. Halloween trick or treat costumes are pretty fun too.  I love all the stuff that goes with Halloween except for the scary, gory, ghostly, zombie, spooky stuff, I just really decorate with cute black cats, funny pumpkins, playful ghosts and pretty fun orange and black haunted house type stuff.  

 Happy Fall Happy Halloween Decorations
  Happy Fall Happy Halloween Decorations

Personalized Halloween Greetings

The first thing you will probably notice when you come into my Halloween house is a personalized Halloween greetings doormat! I love holiday doormats because they really add to the theme of the holiday. There are really great doormats out there with harvest, fall and autumn themes that are all gorgeous too, but a fun personalized one is nice too, it’s a great gift idea to surprise a family member or friend also.

Halloween Pumpkin Scare Doormat
Decisions, decisions. Will you choose spooky ghosts and goblins, cute smiling black cats or maybe a flying witch on her broomstick! If you really aren’t sure or don’t want to change your door mat that often, it’s fun to choose autumn themes which work great for Thanksgiving and the whole beautiful autumn season.

Here's some of my favorite featured Halloween Decorations

Halloween Treats

I love holidays and Halloween is the friendliest holiday of the year in my home because decorating is so much fun.  Every year I add some new cute treats to my home decor whether it is adorable ghosts and cats on candy dishes or cupcake liners, serving trays with candy corn I just love all the bowls and jars and signs that kick off the end of year holiday season.

Halloween Ghost Boo Serving TraysHalloween Haunted House

Halloween Pumpkin Night LightsHalloween Spooky House Desk Lamps

Halloween Haunted House Halloween Pumpkin Scare

 Personally I think you can never have too many goodies for Halloween!