Love and Valentines

I love Valentine's Day.  I love the month before this wonderful holiday of chocolate hearts, sweet flower arrangements, kisses and hugs. I adore seeing all the stores decked out in red and pink and white.  Even those too sugary candy conversation hearts make me smile because I remember how important the message on it was when I was younger.  I know not everyone loves Valentine's Day - and for some people it's a day that makes them grumpy.

But I think of it this way - everyone loves something.  Maybe it's your family, your special person in your life, your job, your ipad, the laptop you are reading this on.  Whatever it is you love, love it all the way and enjoy the hearts and glitter and fun of one day a year.

Love Valentines Day

The stores are filled with Valentines Day Party Decorations - go ahead make yourself, your family and your friends a cute day of fun and love and smiles.

Featured Valentines and Hearts From Our Family To Yours

Enjoy Some Love