Pinterest Is Amazing

Pinterest is like a scrapbook of my life, my memories, my hopes and dreams.  Not only can I "pin" what I love, I can pin what I hope to get someday, hope to cook someday.  How to exercise and how to decorate. Anything you can come across and think "you know someday I will want to remember this... Just "pin" it and you will be able to find it when you need it.

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It's amazing to me how many people on Pinterest are thinking the same thing as me, remember something fun from the old days or a laughing out loud meme they share - how did they know I was thinking the same thing!

Sprinkle Pancakes

Sprinkle Pancakes are amazing, easy to make DIY at home and so light and fluffy, you won't believe how home made they are.  

Sprinkle Pancakes DIY Recipe

Here are some of the great cooking DIY accessories for your kitchen

DIY Valentine's Day Cupcakes

Do It Yourself Valentines Day Cupcakes don't have to be hard to make or expensive.  All you need is your favorite box of cake mix, a container of frosting or use your own favorite baking recipes.  Then the fun part. Time to get creative and mix it all up with some love and kisses.  Hearts and kisses, paper doilies and of course, conversation sugar hearts all make adorable cupcake decorations.  Here's my favorite, trust me, easiest every Sweet Love Cupcake recipe - a family favorite every year sprinkled with a little bit of pink, red and white and shared with kisses and laughter.

 DIY Bake Some Valentine's Day Cupcakes
Click The Cupcake For Our Too Easy Cupcake Recipes

The sweetest way to cook up "I Love You" is baking up a batch of fresh, delicious, soft and moist cupcakes surrounded by a liner or wrapper that's just perfect for every occasion. Imagine the fun
 of easy to prepare Valentine's Day recipes for cupcakes, the wonderful aroma spreading throughout your house while they are baking and the joy on the face of everyone you share them with as they bite into that yummy, fluffy wonderful goodness!

DIY Designs Bonfire Powered

DIY is Do It Yourself and we love the freedom to design it and build it our way!  Whether you are renovating and updating a room in your home, adding some spice to your decorations, making up a new recipe or building a Valentine's Day surprise, count us in because we probably are too.

DIY Basics Have A Great Plan

As a lead contributor of DIY Designs we get to share some of our projects big and small.  Doing it yourself is amazingly rewarding.  So much pride, so much money saved and it really lets you tap into your own brand of creativity and resourcefulness.