Life Is Good With Coffee

Life is good and coffee mugs filled with the first steaming cup of coffee through my last hot cup of coffee makes it even better.  I am a coffee lover morning through night.  It doesn't keep me up and I can't say it is the caffeine I need, I just love the taste of coffee.  I think better with a cup of coffee in my hand.  Sitting in my kitchen, working in my office or just taking a ride - a mug of coffee is probably right near by.

The only thing I love more than coffee, are the fun coffee mugs I buy.  Some make a statement, some are decorative and some are just cute and make me smile.  

 Personalized Coffee Mugs

Pets Paw Prints  Cowgirl Hearts

Smile on, life is good.  Enjoy a cup of happy at least once a day.  If coffee isn't for you, then grab a cup of tea, a mug of hot chocolate and marshmallows and put a happy face on your mug.

Halloween Decorations

Halloween decorations are my favorite part of Halloween.  Well OK I really like the candy party too, and the autumn baking pumpkin bread and muffins. Halloween trick or treat costumes are pretty fun too.  I love all the stuff that goes with Halloween except for the scary, gory, ghostly, zombie, spooky stuff, I just really decorate with cute black cats, funny pumpkins, playful ghosts and pretty fun orange and black haunted house type stuff.  

 Happy Fall Happy Halloween Decorations
  Happy Fall Happy Halloween Decorations

Personalized Halloween Greetings

The first thing you will probably notice when you come into my Halloween house is a personalized Halloween greetings doormat! I love holiday doormats because they really add to the theme of the holiday. There are really great doormats out there with harvest, fall and autumn themes that are all gorgeous too, but a fun personalized one is nice too, it’s a great gift idea to surprise a family member or friend also.

Halloween Pumpkin Scare Doormat
Decisions, decisions. Will you choose spooky ghosts and goblins, cute smiling black cats or maybe a flying witch on her broomstick! If you really aren’t sure or don’t want to change your door mat that often, it’s fun to choose autumn themes which work great for Thanksgiving and the whole beautiful autumn season.

Here's some of my favorite featured Halloween Decorations

Halloween Treats

I love holidays and Halloween is the friendliest holiday of the year in my home because decorating is so much fun.  Every year I add some new cute treats to my home decor whether it is adorable ghosts and cats on candy dishes or cupcake liners, serving trays with candy corn I just love all the bowls and jars and signs that kick off the end of year holiday season.

Halloween Ghost Boo Serving TraysHalloween Haunted House

Halloween Pumpkin Night LightsHalloween Spooky House Desk Lamps

Halloween Haunted House Halloween Pumpkin Scare

 Personally I think you can never have too many goodies for Halloween!

Every Day Is Cat Day

Every day is Cat Day in my home. I know because my cats have proven this to me. You may think it's say Thursday morning, but no. It's time to feed the cats morning. Then it's time to pet one of the cats, don't worry, they will let you know which cat and when.

Perhaps you thought you would sit and read the newspaper? Not if there is a kitty who has decided it is the perfect place to take a nap. That's OK because well, she's so cute. Great time to go make the bed. Well not if there is a cat in it, either snoozing or ready to play lets attack the blanket, one of our very favorite games anyway!

 Pets Are Family

I suppose I could try being the boss. It's up to me right, whether I want to work on the laptop, read a newspaper or feed the kitties later. Yeah, no.  

Cats are so amazingly smart. So independent. And yet so loving. One purr and I melt into mush because I love them so much. Because they are my family. 

Some of our favorite cat greetings personalized with love

Country Cat Stationery Note CardDoodle Cat Stationery Note Card

Mimi Cat Stationery Note CardPurple Cat Dude Stationery Note Card

Pet Friends Make A Beautiful Day

Pet friends make a beautiful day even better. They make sunny days shine brighter. Rainy days are more fun. Cold and snowy days are cozy and warm when viewed with your furry loving pet right beside you.

 Pets Are Family

If your family pet is a dog then any day is a great day to go outside and talk a walk, play in the grass, chase a ball or just sunbathe in any drop of sunshine they can find. Hot or cold weather, most dogs love it and love when you keep them company doing it. From childhood to adult world, all of my days have been better because of my dogs - read  more about my Lucky Dog Family here

 Lucky Dog Family

If your pet is a cat, well they love every weather to look out the window. Their ray of sunshine for a nap is warm and fuzzy in my house winter or summer because they are indoors and always nap ready. My three kitties below enjoying the spring sunshine but it's their favorite place all year round.

Read more about my kitty crew here

 Cat Crews My Family

Really every day is a beautiful day to share some love with your pet friends. Celebrate the day the cat and dog way - filled with love and joy.

Once In A Blue Moon

Once in a Blue Moon something wonderful and unexpected happens. Something magical turns the tide and makes life a little surprised and inspired. That Blue Moon saying means it doesn’t happen very often. That is what makes the magic special. Things that happen all the time are expected and sometimes taken for granted. Sometimes life forgets to surprise and inspire. Motivation becomes routine. Every day starts lacking energy. 
Once in a Blue Moon you might win the lottery. Or once in a while you might get a new great job, see an old friend. Make a new friend. Every now and then something special will happen if you keep the door open you never know what surprise life will bring.
Start a new diet and fitness challenge, one you can really live with and be proud of. Paint a room. Adopt a new family member like one of the beautiful cats and dogs waiting to bring you more joy. Don’t wait forever to try something new. To mix up your routine. Add some magic to your life every now and then, you don’t have to wait for a Blue Moon, you can make your own.
Blue Moon Magic
Blue Moon Magic Wishing You Some Magic
 I Love You To The Moon Charms Love You To The Moon and Back Heart Lockets

Choose Your Own Path In Life

Choose your own path in life and don't be afraid to be different.  Be motivated to be the best you and find some happiness, some fulfillment in being who you are.  Those that care about you, I mean really care will be happy for you and encourage you.

Don't Be A Silly Goose

Don't Be Afraid To Choose Your Own Path In Life  It Could Lead Somewhere Awesome. Take A Lesson From This Guy, He's No Silly GoosePets are part of our family.  Each one with their own personality has adopted us and we are the lucky ones and so glad they did.Browse All Of Our Pets Paw Prints At:  Dogs and Cats Are Family Shop Personalize your world with the love of a rescue puppy or kitten, or consider adopting an older pet filled with family love.
Follow Your Own Path In Life

Don't be the silly goose who followed the gang. Who did what they wanted. Went where everyone else went in life and missed out on their own awesome path. You will be surprised at how many will follow you when they see where you have gone.

Be the best you. It is all anyone including yourself should ever expect. Be proud of yourself, give it all your best shot. Life is an adventure, who knows what awaits us.

Summer BBQ Fun

Summertime BBQ fun and July 4th fireworks outdoor gifts, home decor and patriotic t-shirts. When the heats on, the fun gets going. Have a pool party, baseball games and picnics turn your vacation into some party magic with our personalized gift ideas.

   Dad and Fisherman Adult ApronGolf Pro Adult Apron

Great Styles Of Aprons Personalized

Paw Prints Personalized ApronPanda Bear Sweet Treats Adult Apron

Whether it's a backyard BBQ or Family Reunion our sizzling hot savings and picnic party fun will add a smile when serving your hamburgers, hot dogs and delicious party menu.

Grill Master Personalized Apron Set  King of the Grill Apron For BBQ Chefs  Grillin and Chillin BBQ Apron

Personalized Grillmaster Apron Personalized Camouflage Grilling Apron Set

Have a safe and fun summer!

Super Hero Posters

The Avengers and Captain America are Superheroes in the box office and they have long been classic heroes to those who love Marvel Comic Classics.  Firefighters, Police Officers and EMS responders are true heroes also.  Willing to serve and fight for the good of all of the people, all of the time.

Superheroes are an inspiration to everyone.  Representing the fight of good vs. evil, the willingness to take a stand and make the world a safer place for everyone.  Their dedication to people everywhere, strangers they have never met before and may never meet again.

Career Gift Shops

 Career Gifts For Superheroes

In the real world though, a lot of people will tell you the real super heroes are our dedicated firefighters, police officers, EMT's and paramedics that serve their communities every day, protecting citizens, saving lives and keeping our world a safer place to live.  We can never thank them enough for their gifts of dedication and honor.

On Fire Poster

Posters, prints and art are great gift ideas for holidays, birthdays and even Back To School motivation and inspiration.  America loves their superheroes and whether you frame them or hang them unframed they are fun and inexpensive way to decorate your home, office or dorm room.

Browse some of our favorite posters and prints at:  Personalized Gift Idea Blog

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Flowers That Make Us Smile

Sharing our love of flowers and things that make us smile just a little brighter.

Photos By Me and My Loved Ones Just Because It's Fun To Share.

Morning Coffee Wishes

Because A Good Start Really Does Change Your Day

Wishing you a #goodmorning and a #great cup of #coffee or two. Stay #motivated
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Be Positive Keep It Simple

Be Positive especially when it is hard to be. Keep It Simple. Keep It Moving. Tomorrow IS another day so hang in there and maybe even manage a smile. Fun Share from some very positive motivational thinkers. Join us on Facebook to share more positive fun and your own thoughts and feel free to share below.

Keeping It Simple
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Memorial Day Honoring Military Heroes and Family

Memorial Day Honors

Memorial Day honors our Military Heroes past and present.  The military who served in every war and action that keeps the USA proud and free.  Happy Memorial Day Weekend -whether you march in a parade, wave your American flag, go shopping or BBQ with family and friends, please remember to take some time and honor our armed forces who sacrificed everything for our freedom and their families.

Memorial Day Honor Our Military Heroes

Patriotic and Military Thanks Especially Sent To The Military Families, Wives and Husbands, Daughters and Sons, Parents and Grandparents. Friends and Family that have sacrificed so much also.

Gifts For Mom

Gifts for Mom have to show your mother not only how much you love her but also how much you appreciate her own style of parenting and what a special person she is. Mothers today are stay at home parents, working career moms and busy, creative, women on the go.

 Mother's Loving Heart Sterling Silver Heart-Shaped Birthstone Pendant    

Personalized ideas for Mom can be all about her career, her special talents cooking or filled with hearts and flowers to reflect all the love she gives her family everyday.

Jewelry Gift Ideas

#1 Grammy Pendant or Charm Sterling Silver HEART Mom  Locket Heart W/ # 1 MOM Etched

Every woman loves jewelry so whether your mother is the #1 Mom in the world, a first time Mom or the greatest stepmother, send a shiny wish of affection she can wear everyday, everywhere she goes.

Family Fun Gifts

  Family Is Love Sun necklace   Family Is Love Sun bag

Whether it's Mom's birthday, anniversary, holiday gift idea time or just a present to say how much you love her, it's always fun for families to show how much they care about Mom.