Once In A Blue Moon

Once in a Blue Moon something wonderful and unexpected happens. Something magical turns the tide and makes life a little surprised and inspired. That Blue Moon saying means it doesn’t happen very often. That is what makes the magic special. Things that happen all the time are expected and sometimes taken for granted. Sometimes life forgets to surprise and inspire. Motivation becomes routine. Every day starts lacking energy. 
Once in a Blue Moon you might win the lottery. Or once in a while you might get a new great job, see an old friend. Make a new friend. Every now and then something special will happen if you keep the door open you never know what surprise life will bring.
Start a new diet and fitness challenge, one you can really live with and be proud of. Paint a room. Adopt a new family member like one of the beautiful cats and dogs waiting to bring you more joy. Don’t wait forever to try something new. To mix up your routine. Add some magic to your life every now and then, you don’t have to wait for a Blue Moon, you can make your own.