Pet Friends Make A Beautiful Day

Pet friends make a beautiful day even better. They make sunny days shine brighter. Rainy days are more fun. Cold and snowy days are cozy and warm when viewed with your furry loving pet right beside you.

 Pets Are Family

If your family pet is a dog then any day is a great day to go outside and talk a walk, play in the grass, chase a ball or just sunbathe in any drop of sunshine they can find. Hot or cold weather, most dogs love it and love when you keep them company doing it. From childhood to adult world, all of my days have been better because of my dogs - read  more about my Lucky Dog Family here

 Lucky Dog Family

If your pet is a cat, well they love every weather to look out the window. Their ray of sunshine for a nap is warm and fuzzy in my house winter or summer because they are indoors and always nap ready. My three kitties below enjoying the spring sunshine but it's their favorite place all year round.

Read more about my kitty crew here

 Cat Crews My Family

Really every day is a beautiful day to share some love with your pet friends. Celebrate the day the cat and dog way - filled with love and joy.