Every Day Is Cat Day

Every day is Cat Day in my home. I know because my cats have proven this to me. You may think it's say Thursday morning, but no. It's time to feed the cats morning. Then it's time to pet one of the cats, don't worry, they will let you know which cat and when.

Perhaps you thought you would sit and read the newspaper? Not if there is a kitty who has decided it is the perfect place to take a nap. That's OK because well, she's so cute. Great time to go make the bed. Well not if there is a cat in it, either snoozing or ready to play lets attack the blanket, one of our very favorite games anyway!

 Pets Are Family

I suppose I could try being the boss. It's up to me right, whether I want to work on the laptop, read a newspaper or feed the kitties later. Yeah, no.  

Cats are so amazingly smart. So independent. And yet so loving. One purr and I melt into mush because I love them so much. Because they are my family. 

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